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Napa Region Travel Tips & Advice
LA Times Travel Getting There From San Francisco, cross the Golden Gate Bridge and head north on U.S. 101. Turn east on Highway 37 (toward Vallejo), then north on Highway 29, the main road through Napa Valley. Or take the scenic route: Highway 121/12, following the signs toward Napa, and turn left onto Highway 29.
Visitor Information Once in Napa Valley, stop first at the Napa Valley Conference & Visitors Bureau, 1310 Town Center Mall, Napa, CA 94559 (tel. 707/226–7459), and pick up the Napa Valley Guide. You can call or write in for the Napa Valley Guidebook, which includes information on lodging, restaurants, wineries, and other things to do, along with a winery map; the bureau charges a $5 postage fee. If you don’rsquo;t want to pay for the official publication, point your browser to www.napavalley.org, the NVCVB’s official site, which has lots of the same information for free.

Another good source is WineCountry.com, where you’ll find tons of information on all of California’s wine–producing regions as well as a weekly column written by Erika Lenkert (the author of this article).

When to Go The beauty of the valley is striking any time of year, but it’s most memorable in September and October –– harvest season, when the wineries are in full production. Another great time to visit is the spring, when the mustard flowers are in full bloom and the tourist season is just beginning; you’ll find less traffic and fewer crowds at the wineries and restaurants, and better deals on hotel rooms. Winter is still beautiful and wonderfully romantic. It promises the best budget rates, but the vines are dormant and rain is likely, so bring appropriate shoes and an umbrella. And in summer? Say hello to hot weather, traffic, crowds, and an expensive good time.
Travel Tips courtesy of Los Angeles Times Travel Section Online